Week 14


  1. Answer any lingering questions (15–20 minutes)
  2. Work on OS 6.6, 6.5, AC 11.6 exercises. (25–30 minutes)
  3. Wrap up (5 minutes)

Conversion between Active Calculus and OpenStax

TopicActive CalculusOpenStax
Vector Fields12.16.1
Line Integrals12.2, 12.36.2
Conservative Vector Fields and the Fundamental Theorem of Line Integrals12.56.3
Curl of a Vector Field12.76.5
Green’s Theorem12.86.4
Parametric Surfaces11.66.6
Flux/Surface Integrals12.96.6
Divergence of a Vector Field12.66.5
Stokes’ Theorem12.116.7
The Divergence Theorem12.126.8

Exercises for this Week’s Content